Hey all

My colleague installed Pd-0.47.1 on his MacBook (10.11.6) and it hangs
after quitting. The problem only occurs when DSP is turned on or has
been turned on in the past. When DSP never has been turned on since
launch of Pd, Pd quits without issues.

When Pd is forcefully quit through apple menu, a 'pd' process still
remains running while using 100% of a core.  The only way to stop that
is with a terminal command  ('killall pd'). 

The problem is independent from chosen audio backend, it happens with
'jack', 'built-in' and other back-ends.

It would already be helpful to know whether that problem is specific to
his system or if it is a general problem with Pd on 10.11.

How would someone proceed to track down such an issue?


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