Hi Eric, I'll open this thread here on the pd list too so I can request
that fftease/potpurri on your git https://github.com/ericlyon stuff be on
deken, in the pdcon talk you didnt seem to know the procedure, maybe other
people in the list can help you. Fred Jan started this link on the Pd site,
maybe it helps http://puredata.info/docs/Deken . If you cant do it for some
reason, would be ok for someone else to do it? But I assume you have to
involved somehow.

I'll also report that lyonpotpourri3.0-64bit didnt work for my 0.47-1
vanilla 64 bits in mac os 10.12.1 and that I couldn't get fftease (only 32
biuts available) in the 32 bit vanilla version (or extended)

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