Fastest vanilla way now is to get the range from the source as a list with
[array get] and then write to the dest with [array set]. It's faster than
you'd think. You can do some minor bounds checking, but the way Pd ranges
work mostly takes care of that for you.

On Thu, Dec 1, 2016 at 1:48 PM, Ed Kelly via Pd-list <>

> Hey list,
> Recently my rechunk~ abstraction has ceased to work. I've recently
> re-installed and, it seems the maxlib/arraycopy object is not working the
> way it used to. I used to send it a list with
> [sourceArray start end destinationArray(
> values,
> but now, when the source array is longer than the destination array, I get
> error messages that:
> arraycopy: start point 1223199 out of range for destination chunk_2_13
> Where chunk_2_13 is an array created to be the same length as the chunk I
> wish to extract.
> Does anyone have a better way of copying chunks from one array into
> another? Is there a vanilla way?
> Questions, questions,
> Ed
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