On 2017-02-16 11:41, Roman Haefeli wrote:
> Hey all
> While we're at it, during testing font metrics on different platforms,
> I noticed that menus are quite different. On Linux, the menu bar height
> is 30px, on Windows 19px. Personally, I find the 30px ugly and too
> large. 
> Can this be made consistent across platforms, too?

shouldn't it be made consistent with the various platforms instead?
that is: if he new iOS look-and-feel mandates 42px menu-bars, users
should get them - rather than 12px to be consistent with BeOS.

apart from that, I agree that the menu bar on Linux is uglishly high.

but my point is: it is ugly because it is higher than the menu-bars of
other applications on my Linux system, not because i enjoy staring at
the w32 version in my spare time.


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