Hey all

I noticed that Deken is maintaining an object index for libraries that
have been uploaded with a text file containing the list of objects.
cyclone has a working example: search for 'buffer~' and Deken suggests

I have troubles in adding my object list to the index. 

I tried the following:
  * Name of the index file: <libraryname>-<libraryversion>-objects.txt
  * Each object on a new line, start with the object name, followed by
    a tab, followed by a short description
  * I put the file into the same directory as my deken package with the
    same name and version
  * I uploaded the package:
    deken upload <libraryname>-<libraryversion>-(<arch>)-externals.EXT

I don't see any indication that the -objects.txt file was uploaded and
the objects are not indexed, I get an empty result when searching for
an object of my library.

I'd be happy to get directed to the documentation, if there is any or
appreciate any other help.



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