2017-08-10 21:18 GMT-03:00 Miller Puckette <m...@ucsd.edu>:

> unless someone else can figure this out I'll just release it in its
> current almost-working state.

Seems Dan was on it, huh?

Anyway, I'm also proposing some changes to the manual.

It was originally saying Pd does not use the "Path" mechanism to search for
files and externals when you use a slash declaration: "/" - such as
"../sounds/sample1.wav" or "../cyclone/cycle~"
But it actually does use the Path, so I changed it.

I'm also not sure about this bit:

*Pd does not automatically look in the current directory however; to enable
that, include "."*

This seems to be wrong, as Pd will automatically look in the current
directory regardless if you are including "." or not


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