Hi Zack,

Yes that version works great. It is true that if I load an audio patch the audio is sometimes  glitchy . And yes I can fix it by increasing delay. Using the testtone audio patch for example going from 25 msec to 50 msec when running the clonedParticleSystem fixes the glitches. Let me know if you want me to do any more tests.


On 2018-02-23 05:14 AM, Zack Lee wrote:
Hi, I'm sorry for the delay Jim.

Since some people have reported that they could not see anything on the graphics window on Linux, I just uploaded a test version external for Linux which I disabled the threaded rendering.

If you search "ofelia" in the Deken, you will see "ofelia-v1.0.4test".
Could you please try this one and see if the graphics show up on the window?

If it works, could you please try to create any audio object and see if you can hear the sound? In case the audio is too glitchy, please try increasing the delay time in Pd's audio settings.

Please let me know how it goes. I would really appreciate your help.



Thank you for this External. Some great objects in there.  I am using
Ubuntu 17.10 . It appeared to install perfectly and I ran the script to
install dependencies. The non graphics objects I have tested are working
great but I don't get anything rendered to the Ofelia window when I try
out the graphics examples.


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