On 03/06/2018 07:23 PM, Alexandre Torres Porres wrote:
> Now, in my defense, I can say there could be not so pointless features
> here. Like, I have a nice GUI abstraction, and people may think it's an
> external and that they can change its properties, but it's not, so it'd be
> nice to suppress the properties option, I think. And I don't think it's
> nice to have a useless and pointless canvas properties for a GUI
> abstraction. Now, if this were an external, it would just not show any
> properties, because there isn't one, but when it comes to abstractions, we
> do not have a choice... Moreover, it wouldn't add any dependency, as this
> would be for my external library, and the abstraction already has
> dependencies to other externals in the library.

you know, with [propertybang] your GUI abstraction would (well: could)
have *real* properties. not just the generic ones every abstraction has,
but properties like GUI externals.
which i think is rather more interesting than having no properties menu.


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