Drag & Drop would definitely be cool!

I got something going with the old (deprecated) [toxy/tot] but it's very 
complicated like that.
I'm trying to build a bank manager to drag and drop patches from inside the 
same patch bank or another bank (128 patches each).
It's probably doable like that but not easy.

Unfortunately I had to stop in the middle of getting it done ...
 ... so I don't know, yet if it would actually work.

A working drag and drop function/external would be fantastic.


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> Torres Porres
> Sent: Monday, March 12, 2018 7:54 AM
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> Subject: [PD] drag and drop external?
> Hi, would it be possible to write an external that could respond to drag and 
> drop? Like opening a file or something? Was anything like this ever done? Or 
> is it
> impossible cause it'd require some changes to Pd?
> cheers

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