On Son, 2018-04-01 at 17:42 -0300, Alexandre Torres Porres wrote:
> Hi, currently, if you want to use $0, you need an object cause it
> becomes "0" when it's inside messages.
> Pd-l2ork and Purr Data implemented a way that $0 works in the same
> way as in objects than in messages, and I think it is a great
> feature, as many patches can be significantly simplified. I guess
> most Pd users here know what I'm talking about.

By implementing that, you would once forever prohibit the proper way to
expand $0 which is expanding to the selector of the message. That's why
I oppose your proposition. (Actually, it doesn't matter whether I'm
opposing it or not since I don't contribute any Pd code. But I can at
least point to the fallacies.)

I absolutely see the convenience of your proposition, but there would
be no good explanation for it. Consider it a bad coincidence that both
kinds of variables use a dollar prefix, there is nothing in common
between them (expanding to creation arguments versus expanding to atoms
of messages). Personally, I would totally find it convenient if Pi was
an integer number, it would make so many things so much easier. 


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