On 2018-04-04 10:26, Roman Haefeli wrote:
> On Mit, 2018-04-04 at 02:52 +0900, Jonghyun Kim wrote:
>> Hi list,
>> The problematic patch is:
>> pd/doc/5.reference/example3.pd
> It's actually in the help of [list] in the serializer example.
>> this patch only crashed on 0.48.1. It's ok on old version of Pd.
>> I don't know why?
> It's a bug in the documentation. [list store] understands the 'get'
> method, but not the 'range' method, it seems. I guess this was changed
> somewhere along the development of [list store] and was forgotten to
> adjust in the serializing example.
> Change the message box to 'get $1 1' and it works.
> Since you discovered this you might want to file a bug report about
> this (unless Miller reads it here anyway). 

the change seems to have been on purpose [ec179065].
but it seems that the help-patch has not been updated accordingly.

afaict, there has neever been any Pd-release that included the "range"
message (although some test releases - 0.48test1,2,3 - did include it)

btw, the bug can be pretty easily found when running Pd from the
cmdline, printing to stderr:

$ pd -stderr
error: list store: no method for 'range'

the Pd-console is imply to slow to keep up with posting the errors (and
eventually will crash, because it safes all the error messages and in
case of an infinite loop it will exhaust all available memory; i think
this is far more serious bug)


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