I am trying to debug an extern on linux using gdb and this tutorial <https://puredata.info/docs/developer/DebuggingPdExternals> (for MacOS and some years old) does not work on my machine. In fact, I've tried this a few times in the past with little success. The watchdog just hangs when I break and gdb and Pd can't do anything.

I remember Miller once suggesting that a way to run gdb on an extern is to build it into Pd with debugging symbols on. I am trying to do this, but having trouble there too. I added 'my_extern.c' to the src folder and to the list of .c files that comprise SRC in makefile.gnu. I also added -g to CFLAGS. Everything compiles and I see 'my_extern.o' in the obj folder, but the extern doesn't load when I create the object in Pd.

When I run pd from gdb, i can set a break point on my_extern_new, but when I create the object, I just get a ...cannot create message in the console and no debugging symbols. I feel like I'm missing a step somewhere.

Any help is kindly appreciated.


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