> It worked fine in extended as long as I listed the directory
> in my search path in preferences.

To confirm: That should still be the case. If the path is added to the search 
paths, it should still work.

I believe the settings files for extended and 0.48 should be different. Did you 
open the new Pd vanilla and re-add the paths?

One thing to know, those paths are not search recursively, so if you have the 
following layout, you'll need to add the subdirectories as well:


ie. Adding just the main folder will give you abstractionC but not abstractionA 
or abstractionB.

> p.s. I'm not sure if it's bad form for some reason to keep Pd files in my
> home directory. If so, I'm open to more information on how to better align
> my work flow with the program design.

There's no real "good" or "bad" form. I still use the old "pd-externals" folder 
myself and added it to my search path directly.

That being said (written?), I did add the Pd "Documents path" helper which 
creates a canonical place for organizing things. You don't have to use it and 
you can disable it if you want in the Paths preferences. This feature was added 
mainly in response to teaching Pd and helping students with organization ala 
Processing's sketch folder. It's essentially a suggestion, not the "right way".

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