Hi Liam,

Amazing patching!


1: When you open this patch, are there any "couldn't create" messages in the 
console? If so, tell me!

There are not "couldn't create" on "externs-test.pd" but I found:

... couldn't create

going through examples that use [docfiles/glock~].

On "12_overlay_examples.pd" & 
"13_embedding_(takes_several_minutes_to_load!).pd" i get:

... couldn't create
... couldn't create
... couldn't create
... couldn't create
... couldn't create
... couldn't create

2: Does Context seem to be working correctly? Try resizing it and shifting 
toggle floats to see.;

Resizing seems to work. I don't know what you mean with "shifting toggle floats 
to see".

Notes: when using "externs-test.pd" if I click on the *lower left toggle* i get:

0-crxyoff: no such object
0-roff: no such object
0-notsafe: no such object
0-roff2: no such object
0-crxyoff: no such object

But is not the case if I create a new patch and a new [context].

3: If the following objects have created correctly, can you call the helpfiles?

I can not open the help files.

Note: I have temporarily switched off my normal externals folder.


I can not open "00_first_time_tutorial.pd" it crashes Pd.


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On 4/14/2018 9:10 AM, Liam Goodacre wrote:
I figured out what the difference was between mine and Alex's screenshots. In 
my case, the "custom search location" was also the folder that the patch was 
saved into. So it was loading an external relative to this, not the custom 
search folder.

I've uploaded a draft of Context with externals which I hope will work "out of 
the box". The idea is that if a user wants to use their own externals, they 
simply delete the relevant folders from the main Context folder, and then the 
patch goes back to searching for the externals in the regular places. This is 
based on the assumption that PD searches for externals in the PD folder BEFORE 
searching in Documents/PD/externals or anywhere else. This appears to be the 
case on my Linux and Windows machines, but can I count on it always working?

Lucas, thanks for pointing me towards the old Extended binaries for Zexy. I 
didn't realized that they existed, and it helps to keep the file size small. 
The Context folder currently has 6mb of binary externals (Linux, Windows & OS), 
which seems to me like an acceptable cost.

If anyone wants to test it, I'd really appreciate it, in case I've made a 
mistake. You can download the test branch here, then follow the instruction in 
the file "externs-test.pd".


context-sequencer - Context, a modular sequencer for PD


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