i very much appreciate the efforts people of the Pd-community to help Pd users like me.
until today i did not realize that Wish is an external app.

unfortunately i cannot report any succes on the subject.

i manually downloaded tcl & tk sources 8.5.19 from sourceforge;
compiled it following the readme.
however the Wish8.5.app fails to run:
"unrecognized selector sent to instance...".

my hacking of the kiosk-plugin.tcl did neither produce an usable result.

because the kiosk-plugin is not essential for this project, i'll do without it for the moment.


(i very much applaud the use of old hardware; but if you want to run new
software on it, you probably shouldn't)

well, apart of the kiosk-plugin, everything else of patches is working.
and the kiosk-plugin is not that new either.
i still find it a valuable challenge (sometimes even necessary.

thanks to everyone for the support

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