2 questions about patching in PD in a LINUX environment:

1.) i am having a little bit of trouble making patchcord connections under LINUX (Debian 10) as i find the "sweet spot" (the area where the cursor changes and the connection can be made) quite small. feels like a mere 3 pixels to me, that i have to hit very precisely ...

coming from Windows i find that the "sweet spot" is much easier to grab there, it really feels different and much easier. As far as i know, the height of an object is 16 pixels, so i figure it would be safe to have something like 5 or 6 pixels as a "connection area" on both ends.

Anyway, i think it should be a little larger than it is right now. Or is it maybe again just my system that's acting strange ?

2.) just a small thing: when my cursor changes to "ready for connection", i am getting a ring icon on windows. on linux i get a weird icon that implies "action impossible". i can patch alright, but it's irritating. does anybody know where i could easily change this design ?

thanks for any help


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