I'm forwarding some information for someone who's working
on a user interface library.  He's updated and added
a lot of features to D-Flat including some internationalization
additions.  He'd like to get the library working in conjunction
with curses.  If anyone's interested in the project and
wants more information on the D-Flat port or to help out, they
can contact [EMAIL PROTECTED] (alex bodnaru).

Laura Michaels

P.S.:  I'd personally like to know if anyone's run across any other good,
freeware, user interface libraries that work on top of PDCurses.  I've
seen a few that work on Linux with curses, but I haven't found much that
will work on DOS.  Am currently working on some routines of my own (menus,
edit boxes, push buttons, etc.), but if someone's already finished a
simple, working, freeware library that works on the various platforms
PDCurses works on, please post the information to this list.  I'd be very
interested in hearing about it.  Thanks.

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