On Thu, 15 Feb 2001, John Q. Smith wrote:

> It doesn't seem to realize that ansi.sys doesn't support blinking text:

Last time I used it, it did. But PDCurses doesn't use ANSI.SYS anyway.

IIRC, you won't see blinking text in a DOS window under Windows; it uses
the "blink" attribute to set the background bright instead. But if you go
full-screen (ALT-ENTER), you _may_ see blinking -- it depends on the mode
of the video card. (It can be either blinking, or bright-background.) The
blinking mode used to be the default, but some systems (cards? OSes? I'm
not sure) set it the other way now. Either way, you can alter it; check
Ralf Brown's interrupt list or any VGA reference.

In graphics mode, blinking areas aren't supported in hardware (though
there may be exceptions to this), so they have to be redrawn in software.
And since there are many pixels making up each character cell, that means
moving a lot of data, continuously, as long as this stuff is on screen.
Hence, the use of bright-background mode instead.

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