On Thu, 27 Jun 2002, Chris DAlessio wrote:

> I just successfully built Curses for Win32 this week.  You can build with
> PDCurses.  You need to have stock perl 5.6.x, the ActiveState version will
> simply not work.  After building PDCurses, you then need to build the Curses
> CPAN module.  This will give you the version of curses.dll (with curses.exp
> needed on win32) that can be installed and bootstrapped in Perl.

I know I'm starting to get off topic here with Perl questions, but I would
love to know how to get PDCurses running with Perl.  What did you use to
compile the stock version of Perl?  Can it be done with mingw32 or the
Borland or Watcom compilers or do you have to use a distribution like
cygwin to compile?


Laura Michaels

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