I'm glad to say I got PDCurses working with my program under Windows,
worked first time after linking, great stuff.

I have run into a bit of a problem. I use the Curses function getch() in
my program, for keys such as 'n' or Alt+'n' but how do I detect these


In fact, all I need are the first 2. I tried putting getch() into a
loop, but it blocks and if someone presses 'Ctrl', they have to press
another key to get out of the loop.

I just checked the PDCurses documentation on Sourceforge, and there
doesn't seem to be any. I also tried checking newsgroups and some online
Curses docs, but they didn't help either.

I imagine there must be some kind of flag to return Shift+Alt+2 as an
actual keycode (which is different from Shift, Alt or 2), but I don't
know how. :-(

I am willing to setup a loop, maybe takes from an example, once I know

Any help would be great.


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