William McBrine wrote:

On Sun, 1 Jan 2006, Dan Levin wrote:

I've been trying to download PDCurses 2.7 from SourceForge - without success.

I just checked, and it works for me.

The server keeps on saying, for example:

"The requested URL /sourceforge/pdcurses/pdc27_ming_w32.zip was not found on this server."

This is from the SourceForge downloads page? It should take you to a list of mirrors, unless you've already set one as your preferred mirror. In that case, if your preferred mirror doesn't work, it should direct you back to the list.

There's not a lot I can do about SF's download system. There might be a delay between the time a file is uploaded and the time it reaches all mirrors, so all I can suggest is to try again later, and/or try a different mirror.

Ok - apparently my preferred mirror (heanet.dl.sourceforge.net) was not updated with PDCurses 2.7. After trying some others - everything went smoothly... - Thanks for your info - Bye !


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