For those interested... in CVS right now is some simple Unicode support 
for PDCurses. This involved very minimal changes -- it's based on the 
existing 16-bit A_CHARTEXT field in PDCurses' chtype. The wide-character 
functions in X/Open are NOT implemented, and I've done nothing with input 

Currently it works in Win32 (NT/2000/XP only; not 9x) and X11. In X11, do 
"./configure --enable-unicode". For Win32, uncomment the "-DUNICODE" in 
the CPPFLAGS line in the appropriate makefile. Then, when building your 
own app, make sure to define UNICODE before including curses.h. (If you 
don't, the ACS_* (box-drawing, etc.) characters will be messed up.)

To print Unicode, just use the chtype functions (e.g., addchstr). Note 
that this is very non-portable to other curses implementations. The 
character set is UCS-2 (and not UTF-16, either). There's no support for 
bidirectionality, and only single-width characters work. 8-bit text will 
still work, too; it will effectively be treated as ISO 8859-1.

You also need an appropriate font. For X11, use any monospaced ISO 10646-1 
font (the default in Unicode mode is a very good one that's included with 
recent X). For Win32, Lucida Console supports more characters than the 
Raster fonts (but it leaves residue behind on the screen if you're using 

Feedback wanted.

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