I'm doing a little terminal-based game project and I was considering using
pdcurses to make it cross-plataform (initially it used borland's conio.h in
windows, but I've moved to linux now...). Note: the project is linked to
pdcurses in windows, but uses ncurses in linux.

In Linux, however, I recently discovered that it was quite easy to get a 256
configurable-color terminal, instead of the 8 color, non configurable-color
terminal that most linux distributions are shipped with:
$ export TERM="xterm-256color"

So I wanted to know if there is any way I could get 256 colors in the
windows terminal or some way to emulate it. I've tested the win32 and the
SDL ports of pdcurses with a little test program that informs about the
color capabilities and prints the different colors and in both cases the
output is the same: 16 colors and can_change_color() == TRUE.

I think this is reasonable with the win32 port, but I see no reason why the
SDL port should have this values. Anyone knows if the win32 console API
provides a way to get more than 16 simultaneous colors? And if that is the
case, might it be possible to change the win32 pdcurses library, or the SDL
one, in order to use that? (I have no problem to help with the code, I just
want to know from a pdcurses developer, or someone who is familiar with the
code, if this would be possible or not..).

Well, this tourned to be a pretty long mail, sorry for that, and for my bad
english as well =P


Demian Ferreiro

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