I have a problem. I'm trying to write a application with 3 windows and
one of the windows (the larget one) is not being allocated and returning
NULL. I've tested this with PDCurses win32 and xcurses. However, the
program works excellent with ncurses. The program is included below:

#include <xcurses.h>

int main ()
        WINDOW* message = newwin(1,0,0,0);
        WINDOW* game = newwin(60,0,1,0);
        WINDOW* status = newwin(20,0,1,60);
        wprintw(message,"Hello, World");
        wprintw(game,"\n\nwe are here");
        wprintw(status, "%d", game);
        return 0;
 Notice, that the game window will printf() as 0 and not print "we are
here". However, under ncurses the program prints everything.
P.S. I couldn't get this program to compile in VC08, but I have a real
program exhibiting the behavior (I think I've either hit a bug in
PDCurses or a bug in this code (I don't know which))

Krzysztof Drewniak

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