Hi again,

I got a private response by email:

>> When linking statically, -lXCurses must come before the list of
>> objects to include:

>> ${TARGET}: $O
>>    ${CC} -o $@ ${LDFLAGS} $O

I assume -lXCurses means -lpdcurses. Anyway, I thought libraries
always came after objects when compiling. But, for the sake of
completeness, here's what I tried:

A) gcc -o vn.exe $(OBJS) -Lc:/pdc/win32 -Lc:/vn -lpdcurses -lvn -lm
B) gcc -o vn.exe $(OBJS) -Lc:/pdc/win32 -Lc:/vn -lvn -lpdcurses -lm
C) gcc -o vn.exe -Lc:/pdc/win32 -Lc:/vn -lvn -lpdcurses -lm  $(OBJS)
D) gcc -o vn.exe -Lc:/pdc/win32 -lpdcurses $(OBJS) -Lc:/vn -lvn -lm

A) results in undefined reference to curses functions (eg, waddstr)
B) compiles, but then requires the pdcurses.dll to run
C) results in undefined references to functions in libvn.a
D) results in undefined reference to curses functions (eg, waddstr)

In my continuing floundering, I also tried using "-static" gcc
flag, but that did not help. Could someone please advise what
I'm doing wrong or need to do different?

Daniel Goldman

Daniel Goldman wrote:

I swear I used to statically link pdcurses into an
application. I few months back (for some reason) I
reinstalled pdcurses. Now I can't static link.

I use pdcurses 3.4 / mingw gcc. I'm very familiar with
makefiles and gcc. I'm sure it's something I'm doing
wrong. I've tried different ways. But I'm kind of
floundering. It compiles OK. But when it runs, it
gives an error message unless the DLL is in the path.

So I'm using pdcurses.dll for now. But I don't want
to be limited. I'd like to have static linking too.

I looked through the docs and mailing list, and came
up empty. Am I supposed to be able to statically link
libpdcurses.a file? Any example? Do I need to recompile
.a library archive? Could someone please advise?

Daniel Goldman

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