Some quick comments...

   I've been meaning to look into the bitbucket mirror.  As you may know,
I've "managed" Win32a by doing development on my machine and uploading
a .zip file every now and then.  This works,  but it's conceivable that
putting it on bitbucket might draw in some development effort.

For example, I was trying to compare the win32a code, which seems to have
come from a fork of CVS prior to the the 2014 changes.

   Last I checked,  I'd incorporated the CVS changes.  (Which was easy
enough to do;  they were minor bug fixes.  Not much going on there these days.)

I'd love to see a full-featured SDL2 port with all the goodies in
the win32a port.

   I'd be interested in this too,  but only if it supports Unicode.
8-bit character sets are _so_ Second Millennium...

   Such support is quite possible.  SDL currently handles fonts as very
simple bitmaps;  one could just make those bitmaps larger.  Really quite
a bit larger if one wants most/all of Unicode,  but it shouldn't be a big
deal to do it.

Do you have a table with comparison of win32a port goodies with
everything else?

   That is probably something I should put together.  Most of the differences
are described at .  I _think_ combining
this with the other flavors (SDL, OS/2, DOS, console Win32, etc.) will just
be a matter of recompiling -- backward compatibility has been a top priority
-- but must admit it's been a while since I tried doing that.  Just doing that
gets you some of the Win32a features,  such as better SLK support,  and leaves
you well-positioned to add things such as overlined,  dimmed,  italic,  bold,
and struck-out text.

   Coincidentally,  I just posted an update to Win32a at the above URL.  The
main change is that fullwidth characters are now supported (should be very
useful to the Chinese/Japanese/Korean crowd;  they have a lot of glyphs that
are supposed to consume two columns,  but which are restricted to one on all
current PDCurses) and combining characters are supported.

-- Bill

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