On Apr 13, 2015, at 10:38 PM, Frank Palazzolo wrote:

> Thanks William - this will be great!
> In the meantime I imported my repo to from bitbucket to github, just to see 
> how that process works.
> https://github.com/palazzol/PDCurses
> -Frank

Will this become / is this now the "main" upstream github repo for PDCurses?  
It would be fantastic to be able to do testing and offer pull requests.

I have recently (like yesterday :) ) created a new github repo to take over 
development for my terminal emulator qodem (http://qodem.sf.net and 
https://github.com/klamonte/qodem).  I am using the Win32a fork with Borland 
C++ 5.02 (ancient, but very useful nonetheless), and will probably find some 
things worth digging into for PDCurses.


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