Hello all,

   I've made various changes to the Win32a fork of PDCurses at


   In the past few days,  I've added real blinking to X11 (i.e.,
"blinking" text really blinks if PDC_set_blink( true) is called,
or it's just highlighted if it's not);  modified the Win32a
mingwin32.mak file to support 64-bit and 32-bit builds;  and
added a makefile for DOS for the Digital Mars C/C++ compiler.
(Which is very useful to me;  it's the only way I have left to
test out 16-bit builds or DOS builds.  Turns out I can fire
up a command shell using Wine,  compile within it using DMC,
then run the DOS executable using DOSBox.)

   I'm still hoping all this will eventually make it into the
"mainstream" version of PDCurses -- I put in a pull request
a while back -- but it'll be a lot to merge in,  and it may
be that some aspects of Win32a remain forever forked.

-- Bill

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