I found a strange behavior for the addition assignment operator with
slices of complex pdl's. For example, when I add a complex number to
itself, it doubles up, as expected. 

pdl> use PDL::Complex;
pdl> $a=1+2*i;
pdl> p $a
1 +2i
pdl> $a += $a
pdl> p $a
2 +4i

This is the correct behavior. Nevertheless, when I add a component of a
complex vector to itself, it doesn't work out:

pdl> $a=pdl([[1,2],[3,4]])->complex;
pdl> p $a
[1 +2i  3 +4i]
pdl> $a->(:,(0))+=$a->(:(0))
pdl> p $a
[1 +2i  3 +4i]

The first complex component of the 2D complex vector should have been doubled,
but it didn't change. 

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