Vivitar made at least two 135/2.8s. The only one that comes close to Series
One quality was their 1:2 Close-Focus model, made by Komine. The 20-inch
close focus was achieved strictly by a l-o-n-g helicoid. It uses a 62mm
filter and is said to be very good. It was also sold as Maginon and probably

The Close Focus 135 weighed about 17 oz., was 3.4 inches long, was
multicoated, and was made approximately from 1975 to 1981.

Vivitar's other 135/2.8s were undistinguished.

Here's what Gary Schloss, the Olympus list's resident thhird-party lens
expert, had to say in 1998: "Vivitar introduced a family of 3 macros: 55mm
f/2.8 (1:1), 90mm f/2.8 (1:1), and 135mm f/2.8 (1:2). All three shared very
similar mechanics (all take a 62mm filter), and were made by Komine. These
are plain Vivitars, not 'Series 1.' All have brushed metal finish. My
personal impressions of the 90 and 135 are very positive." 

Gary or someone else wrote: "This lens is pre-Series I and went out of
production about twenty years ago, but turns up on eBay in K-mount from time
to time. I paid $75 for mine a year ago, but this spring two went for about
$25, as most people do not recognize it for what it is. Note that this lens
is *not* a "macro" lens, merely a medium f.l. telephoto with a very long
focussing helicoid." 

Rodger Whitlock (or maybe "Wei") wrote: "I have one (made for pentax), it's
a decent lens, which allows you to focus a lot closer than other 135mm lens,
but it gets a lot longer when you shoot stuff up close".

>From the third-party lens site: "Another later entry in our cult classic
lens list is this Vivitar 135mm f/2.8 close focusing lens. Surprise! This
lens can produce a remarkably close reproduction ratio of 1:2 from a
distance of 20 inches! Usually, we think of true macro lenses when we deal
with a 1:2 close focusing range, such as the Vivitar 90mm f/2.5 classic
described herein. The lens weighs just over a pound, is 3-3/8ths inch long,
and uses 62mm filters. For macrophotography of critters and bugs, this lens
is probably a lot cheaper and even more useful than many 100mm range macro
lenses. I need hardly add that it is a lot cheaper, when you can find one! 


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