what is especially niceabout having her on the leaf is that you get the scale... were she only on her web against the sky she could be huge or tiny...

this one and "take me to your leader" are my favorites of your tiny critter snaps


On 9/15/2016 4:53 PM, Jostein wrote:
Thanks for commenting, all of you.
Not sure if all messages arrive promptly, but I've seen messages from Ann, John S, Cotty, Jack, Brian, Bruce W, Alan C, Mike W, Larry and Gonz.

Den 14.09.2016 23.07, skrev Jostein:
Came over this fellow on a stroll around the garden. She had a well
tended net which she withdrew from when I approaced, to seek shelter or
camouflage in the leaf. But she couldn't stop checking her trap for
signs of lunch. :-)


Araneus diadematus ("Cross-spider"),

K-3 II, FA-100 WR macro. Small flash and homemade diffuser.


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