As I mentioned last week, I am consolidating my camera gear, selling off most 
of my APS-C bodies and lenses, selling off 645Z body and lenses, and 
accessories associated with those systems. I will focus my energies and 
resources on the full frame K-1 and any successors.

So, on offer are the following:

K-3 body and battery grip, O-GPS-1 unit [tentatively spoken for]
DA 15/4.0 Ltd.                                          $375
FA* 24/2.0                      (FullFrame)     $375
DA 20-40/2.8-4 Ltd.                                     $525
Carl Zeiss T* 35/2.0    (FullFrame)     $650
DA 40/2.8 Ltd.                                          $300
FA 28-105/4-5.6         (FullFrame)     $  25
DA* 50-135/2.8  [missing “window” on lens hood]  $450
DA* 55/1.4                                              $525
PK-A 200/4.0                    (FullFrame)     $  25

645Z body       [tentatively spoken for]
645-A 35/3.5                                            $550
645-FA 45/2.8           [broken lens hood]      $350
645-DFA 55/2.8                                  $500
645-FA 75/2.8                                           $375
645-FA 120/4.0 Macro                            $550
645-FA 150/2.8                                  $650
645-FA 200/4.0  [tentatively spoken for]
645-FA 150-300/5.6                              $650
645-A 1.4x                                              $  75
645-A 2x                                                        $  50
645 ext tube set                                        $  75

These prices (shown in $US) are at or below current market price as well as I 
could determine from looking at KEH offerings, completed eBay sales, etc. Cash, 
checks (or cheques), money orders, Paypal o.k. I have accepted bank-to-bank 
transfers in the past but that is more complicated…
Condition of the items as well as I can judge would probably range from a 
rating of LNIB (the Zeiss T*) to Ex, VG, or G. Even the two bargain lenses 
(28-105 and A-200/4.0) are in good condition.
Shipping cost not included except unless your purchase of one or more items 
totals $500 or more, in which case shipping would be free within the U.S. and 
at a discount outside of the U.S. I will be within the E.U. in early November 
and am willing to discuss the possibility of a meet-up or a mailing within the 
E.U. if that would lower shipping cost, simplify your paperwork in dealing with 
import duties etc. 

I hope to do “product shots” of the for-sale items this weekend; once that is 
done these will go on eBay (seller: stanh)  In some cases the prices shown 
above will be the Buy It Now price, though in some cases I may start the 
bidding lower.  

If you have any questions comments (or offers) please contact me off-list at


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