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> It looks like an inflateable.. interesting that it is metal

I misspoke (or mis-typed).  It's actually made of concrete, not metal.


When first I photographed the Oldwick Hippo, I parked my car and walked up
to the building.  It was a Sunday, and the animal hospital was closed, but
a man came out of the hospital to ask what I was doing.  When I explained
that I had passed it by several times and was curious, and wanted to take
its portrait, he invited my up onto the lawn for a better viewpoint.  The
story he told me was quite different than what appears on FarceBook and he
hospital website.  He said that he was an engineer, and had been working
for a firm in the midwest.  He met a young woman who was them in veterinary
school, and fell in love.  Just as she was graduating, he was relocated
back to New Jersey.  He asked her to marry him, and come back east with
him.  She told him she could never do that because she would have to leave
the concrete hippo that she had come to love.  He claimed that then he
bought the hippo, at an inflated price, loaded it onto a trailer and told
her that if she ever wanted to see the hippo again, she would have to marry
him and move back to New Jersey.  Impressed that he would do that just to
please her, she said yes, and they moved to the horse country of Oldwick,
NJ, where she set up her practice in a building he designed and built.

Whether that is the truth or not, that is one great story.


Dan Matyola
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