Nice, movie-escue image. E.g. it looks like a frame from a movie.

While reading you message, I was rather confused what was the problem:
why the fact that the day was great should have stopped her from heading out with her board... But on the photo, it looks like it may have been not much sunny (was it?)..

Also, just my curiousity: You mentioned Encino. But AFAIK, Encino is not on the shore. Rather Santa Monica would be between Encino and the water. Or, was it Encinitas (much more south, closer to San Diego), - which is right on the shore?


Paul Stenquist Fri, 14 Oct 2016 13:54:46 -0700 wrote:

A Kodachrome that I scanned this afternoon. It was a great day on the beach at Encino, California in 1981, but that didn’t stop this young lady from heading out with her board. I probably shot it with my Fuji 801 screw mount camera. Not sure about the lens. Looks like it was either the Mamiya 135/2.8 or the Vivitar 200/3.5. Of course that young lady is now well into her 50s. Time flies.


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