I don't think they were UNhappy to see me, but I suspect the food had a lot to do witht he smiles :-)



On 10/15/2016 11:29 PM, Larry Colen wrote:

ann sanfedele wrote:
Hungry Pentaxians about to chow down at Angelina's on Ave A.


That looks like them. Every time I've seen any of them there has been at least one plate of food on the table. Though that might say more about me and the mighty pizza muscle than it says about them.

Nice photo, everyone looks happy. Probably because they're seeing Ann, or maybe because there's a table of food in front of them.

so glad the visitors liked it.

We sat around Chez Ashley for a couple of hours and then Marco decided
he should take us to lunch.. whatta guy!

He has learned one of the secrets of getting PDMLers to like you, feed them.

John and Jan are going to suspect that no matter where they go in the US they'll meet someone from Santa Cruz.

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