Larry, I downloaded the software from Metz to see what was inside it. The Exe file on the site is a self extracting archive. Inside is the actual driver updates and software to install them. I tried to read the instructions to figure out if you could manually push them to your flash, but unfortunately the instructions for the installation itself are in German. Strangely the instructions to remove the installer from your system when you're done with them are in English. I get the feeling that Metz is a pretty schizophrenic corporation. My German is so rusty that it's damn near nonexistent.

On 10/16/2016 9:21 PM, Larry Colen wrote:

P.J. Alling wrote:
You should always try out your equipment before doing anything important
to avoid just such embarrassments.

You're right, I should. I don't know why it didn't occur to me that the flash that works just fine with K-5s and K-3s might not work with a K-1. I don't use it that often. Today was the second time I tried to use the combination, the first was a few weeks ago and I was trying to use it as fill doing an outdoors photo shoot, so I just put it in manual. Today I was trying to photograph the puddles in my downstairs to show my contractor where they are coming from. The weird thing is that it *sort of* works. Sometimes the flash will fire in P-TTL, and sometimes not. It acts like dirty contacts. But only in P-ttl, in manual, etc. the flash works fine.

The google monster made me realize that I wasn't the only one with this problem.

A friend didn't take that advice and when demonstrating a jet turbine
powered electric generator had it violently explode during the
demonstration. It was embarrassing to the tune of about 2 million dollars.

Not that I'm suggesting that you experienced that level of
embarrassment, but it's a cautionary tail, and it's pretty funny, /now/,

Nope, not even close.

Thank goodness.

And, as I also mentioned it turns out that they only have the firmware updates for Windows, not for Mac or Linux. Grumble.

On 10/16/2016 8:16 PM, Larry Colen wrote:
My metz flash would not work in p-ttl with the K-1. It turns out that
it needs a software upgrade:

Just so that other people don't find this out in the middle of a shoot
like I did.

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