I understand your fear... ;-)

This path your are using defeats the purpose of shooting RAW. in that case, as Cotty has suggested, - just shoot JPEGs.

If you want to benefit from the RAW while using LR, you might consider using a DNG converter from Adobe.
So, your work flow would be:
1. Convert RAF to DNG (that's a batch conversion, so it is easy).
2. Open DNG in LR.

Two things to pay attention to:
1. Choose the version of DNG converter that supports your RAF version.
(Usually the latest does.)
2. For the output, choose the option under "Compatibility" that would be compatible with your version of LR. (Just in case, for other options: You probably don't want to "Embed Original Raw File, and you probably don't want to use "Lossy Compression") Typically (at least on Windows), the options seem to be preserved, so you don't have to choose them each time.

You can download the DNG converter either directly from the ftp site
(using your web-browser):
Choose "Win" or "Mac" folder in there, and download the latest version.

Or from this page:

Hope this helps,


 David J Brooks Mon, 17 Oct 2016 07:46:35 -0700 wrote:

Due to my resistance to upgrade my OS i am having to resort to using
Silky Pix to work on my RAF files from the X30. Its a pain system but
for doing a few shots its ok. However this last week i was up north
doing fall colours and some ATVing and have 120 to process. I started
to save the RAF files as Tiff's but they are 36mb each so i batched
saved them all as jpg to open in LR a program i am more at ease with.
Any other suggestions on this other than up grade Brooksie.:-)

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