Paul Stenquist wrote:

Moon pics are too easily executed to count as good photos, but they’re also a 
lot of fun. A day late on this one, as the moon is now waning, but we were 
socked in yesterday. What’s more, I was watching football and was undoubtedly 
overserved. But we get another chance in November, when the moon will be even a 
bit closer to earth. K-1 D FA 150-450 plus 1.4X converter, 630 mm, f11, 
1/1000th, ISO 800 and at least a stop push in conversion. I have an A 2XS 
converter as well, and may give that a go next time. Too much glass is just 

I like Moon pictures and it's an excuse to get a big mirror lens out. A couple 
of my friends have taken Moon pictures recently and applied filters or 
otherwise modified them in Lightroom. Whilst they look unusual, they don't look 
right. The Moon looks good as it is. Nice image right here.


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