Gonz wrote:

>How did the cormorant end up as the PDML bird anyhow?

The Story of the Cormorant:
Way back in the mists of time, probably early in the first decade of
this century, a PDML member named Christian Skofteland was known for
some pretty damned good bird photography. One day he posted a nice
shot of a cormorant in front of a dramatic sky at sunset. Great shot,
but he lamented about the composition he'd been forced into (probably
due to objects that would have intruded into the image if he'd moved
the camera at all). Cotty pointed out that the extra space at the top
of the image would be ideal if it were to be used for the cover shot
of a magazine — the space was perfect for where the masthead would go.
To prove his point Cotty made a quick mock-up of how such a magazine
might look: http://www.robertstech.com/temp/cormorant-times.jpg

There followed a torrent of fake magazine covers from a great many
members of the PDML. But the first was "Cormorant Times" and that's
the one that has defined the PDML, for good or ill (or perhaps both),
ever since.
Mark Roberts - Photography & Multimedia

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