On 8/10/2017 16:13, steve harley wrote:
On 2017-08-10 10:23 , John wrote:
Someone used the expression in a recent post & it triggered a thought.

Every message I receive using Thunderbird has a "Junk" button I can
click ... EXCEPT for those messages Thunderbird thinks ARE junk.

They have a "Not Junk" button I can click, but nothing that lets me
confirm "Yes, this *IS* Junk."

that's because a the button is a toggle; on those messages, Thunderbird
already believes "yes, this is junk" **unless** you click Not Junk

Except that if you just click delete, it puts it in "trash" rather than

The only way to get it to go into "junk" so the adaptive junk control
will work is to go up into the message pane, right click the message and
scroll down through the menu to find "Mark as Junk".

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