One hears these adages quite often like "You pay what you get for", "Cheap" etc.
Is it true?? NOT for the smart guy - or call him frugal, Mr. Scrooge
if you wish.
Cheap need not mean it will damage your camera or fail.

So here is what I did. Bought a German Hama SMPS Multi Volt Adapter for $12
on sale from Media Mart while in Cologne, Germany.
SMPS (switched mode power supply units) are one of the safest circuitry used in
digital equipment & electronics. This one had a 3-way safety circuit.

Bought the Connector Pentax uses for $ 2.40 each - called the Male Hirose 3-pin
MQ172-3SA Plug. God alone knows why Pentax uses obscure stuff and not
simple Japanese Standard Connectors.

Soldered two thick copper pins which plugs into the Universal Socket of the Hama
Adapter. Works great on my Pentax DSLRs.

Note: wiring the Hirose connector - the center pin is a dummy, the Ground pin is
top most one viewed with the plug inserted into the camera. The 8.3 volt pin is
the bottom most one.

camp: Belmont, CA.

Amateurs worry about equipment, professionals about time & masters
worry about light.

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