Ken Waller wrote:
Lookin good Larry, the best driveway images I've seen today.

Thanks.  With an obscure enough bar, even I can be the best.

Kenneth Waller

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Subject: GESO new driveway

I'll spare you all the long sordid tale of my trials and tribulations,
but the work on my new retaining wall and driveway to be done by the
contractor is finished. I'm going to need to construct guard
rails/fence and hand rails for the stairs.

In short, pretty much all of the graveled area between the corner of
the stairs and the corner of the garage is new.

The photos have little, if any, artistic merit, but they show the
project that has been consuming large portions of my life and energy
for the past many months:

Larry Colen (postbox on min4est)

Larry Colen (postbox on min4est)

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