Thanks Ann,
Some Internet service providers are notoriously zealous about filtering spam. Any mail that contains little text and a link is suspected and drops straight into quarantine. From which it may be deleted or delayed, depending on the whim of the provider (or his antispam software).

Alan C commented on the same issue from South Africa a short while ago, but it drowned in the noise around the new reply-button in Thunderbird.

On my end it happens to quite a lot of posts, not just PESOs. It's not just particular people, it's not URLs to particular domains, and it doesn't seem to be about any particular keywords either. The mails just disappear on the way from the PDML server to my inbox.

So if it's a thread that looks interesting, I usually have to go to the archives on the server to read up before replying. :-(


Den 11.08.2017 05:16, skrev ann sanfedele:
Nice spider..  I didn't see your original PESO come up , J...

Really lovely shot.. and such an interesting model


On 8/10/2017 2:34 PM, Rick Womer wrote:
I like the colors and composition. What is the beast?


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