I just returned from a month traveling, camping, hiking, and a little 
photographing on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Normally my Lightroom files are kept 
in a directory labeled “Photos” on an external hard drive. While on the trip I 
imported photos into Lightroom in the “Pictures” directory on my MacBook Air’s 
internal drive. 

An hour or so ago I began dragging folders in Lightroom from the “Pictures” 
directory to the “Photos” directory. After successfully dragging ten folders 
dragging suddenly stopped working. I drag, but the folders won’t move. 

I Googled about this. Over the years others have encountered the problem. The 
issues in the cases I read about were extremely complicated and not much help 
to me. Wonder if any Lightroom experts here might be able to help.

Eric Weir
Decatur, GA  USA

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