Okay, so this is a sob story - lookin for a kind person :-)

On one of my trips to GFM wayyyy back when, might have been 2004, might have 
been 2007, I bought a pair of GFM soup mugs from the gift shop. One broke a few 
years ago but the survivor has bee with me since then and in daily use for big 
mugs of tea, coffee, and occasionally soup.

Yes, you guessed it - it finally caved in and the handle fell off. 

There's one on eekbay for 7 bucks but the shipping is 50 bucks !!!

Would some kind soul mind buying it for me and sending it across the pond 
cheapest slowest? It's a porcelain mug  :-)

I will reimburse by Paypal and ensure you are rewarded for you sins (packaging, 
shipping etc).

If ye take pity on ye fellowe human being in need......

item 282656881436


tiny url of above:


Thank ye kind sir or madam !!!



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