Good decision.
I have the K-1,  I shoot in DNG and develop with Lightroom 6.0.
My only problem is that there is no lens profile for the D FA 28-105.
Maybe I should update LR 6 to its latest version but with recent horror stories that version 6 is automatically upgraded to CC I have delayed this.


Op 2017-12-07 om 19:15 schreef Mark Roberts:
Jan van Wijk wrote:

Hi all,

I finally bit the bullet on getting a K1, now that it comes with a 300 Euro
cashback in december. It should arrive tomorrow, with the DFA 28-105 mm.

At the moment I am using the K3 and its DNG files with Lightroom 6.6.1
and I THINK that should work for the K1 as well (with somewhat larger files :)

Anyone that can confirm that?
Yerp. K-1 files are no problem in Lightroom 6.

DNG should be backwards compatible with future versions, too.

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