Finally, I've watched (most of) the video, and these "experts" are also full of ... smoke.

One of the guys mentioned the issue noted by Mark (albeit not as clearly
formulated as Mark's), - the clouds behind the moon. But it was practically dismissed by others.

They were mumbling about the sunset, saying it would be possible to get
this light and this color, and one guy bragged about making his living from the twilight photographs. - But until almost the end, nobody thought that it would be non-physical to have red sunset colors (backlit) next to the moon, that is opposite to the sun during the full (or almost full) moon.
(Just in case it is not obvious: the moon is full when the sun, which is
the source of the light is on the opposite site, i.e. behind you, as you are looking at the moon. And I haven't seen a sunset when the eastern portion of the sky is red like this.)

What's funny is that I googled images for moon and sunset, - to see how my physics-based argument holds against photos. To my surprise, I've found some images where the moon is superimposed over the sunset (or sunrise) sky. And those are clearly fake.
Here is just one example (referenced as a photo by Castillo, -
the link to the original photo is dead):

That's clearly a fake!

While, it is beyond any doubt to me that the original photo in question could not be done in a single shot, - I was curious if the angular sizes (the size of the rock or tree vs. the size of the moon) are compatible to be in the same shot in general. I have a feeling, - they are not. (You'd have to be too far away from the rock and the tree to see them at this small angular size, - to be able to photograph them with this much of detail.)
But I am too lazy to do a careful geometrical consideration at the moment.

But I have a big physics(astronomy)-based concern about yet another Peter Lik's photo... -I 'll send a separate message about that.


On Sun, 4 Feb 2018, Igor PDML-StR wrote:

Nothing to write home about. .. err. to PDML. ;)

Here are some examples of what came out:


Daniel J. Matyola Fri, 02 Feb 2018 10:13:47 -0800 wrote:

Did you get anything interesting?

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