They do appear brighter now. And it is better.

When I was looking on my laptop, - the photo still seems to me a bit dull.
I came home and looked on a big desktop screen, maximizing to the full screen, - and it looked much better.

So, this is one of those photos where the way you look at it is critical.
(It still didn't become my favorite in this set, but I like it more now.)
I hope my suggestion was helpful.


Larry Colen Thu, 08 Feb 2018 08:14:16 -0800 wrote:

Igor PDML-StR wrote:

The pinecones is an interesting photo, but it looks dark. It is not
necessarily the brightness. It's just that the complex details are not
popping out.
I don't know what should be done, - but I'd try to play with the
fill-in light (boosting up shadow areas), "vibrance", and "presence"
sliders in LR.

I tried brightening things up a bit. Here is the original:

Here is the modified:

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