Thanks. Not running Windoze 10.

On 2/11/2018 08:53, Toine wrote:
If you are running Windows 10 the build-in Defender is ok. I'm running with
defender only for about 1 year without troubles, I does detect the virusses
I once in a while throw at it to test the scanner and I think before
clicking on emails from the bank, paypal etc. Most of them are fake.

On 10 February 2018 at 21:36, John <> wrote:

I've been using AVG, but lately it's become a problem, trying to take
over. It just installed Google Chrome without my permission and made it
the default browser.

I don't want Google Chrome. I had to uninstall it.

So, now I'm looking for new antivirus software. Not Norton; not Kaspersky.

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