Some time ago, I bought in on a Kickstarter for a new Lomo camera ... the 
Instant Square, using Fuji Instax SQ film as a base. It arrived a couple of 
weeks ago, but I had to order some film and get some CR2/CR2025 batteries (2x 
CR2 for the camera, 1x CR2025 for its IR remote). 

I finished my first pack of film yesterday. Just learning it... Of the ten 
exposures, I lost one (the print must have fallen out of my pocket) and four 
are, I think, reasonably representative of the quality this camera can produce. 

Here are the four snappies as examples:

For format comparison (sizing keeps to the relative pixel dimensions, same 
post-scan processing—just a minimal tone curve adjustment), here's a couple of 
prints out of a MiNT Polaroid SLR670a using older, Impossible 600 Color (gen3):

This Lomo camera is going to be fun! I hope Fuji creates a B&W version of the 
SQ film as well. 

The trouble with being punctual is that nobody's there to appreciate it.

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